We all have personalities that are rich and unique – nobody is ‘just one thing’ and we can adapt and learn to think in different ways from a very early age. Not Just Stories started with a range of 8 children’s picture books that relate to emotional health and wellbeing in a light-hearted way with these fun and friendly likeable animal characters.

Press the play button here to see a little animation to introduce you to the characters and explain a little more.

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We hope you like it as much as we did making it ….

…..along with little Morris the Mouse and his friends.

The idea was conceived by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Lynne and her artist husband Michael who are passionate about story telling, verse and illustration…. and as parents of three, above all we strive for positive mental health for all children.

These are all the eight books in the collection.

Here`s a few pages from one of the books about Stanley the Squirrel on his jouney to find his laugh again.

We`re also producing a range of children`s activity books, greeting cards and wall art which all help to reinforce the positive message that each of the characters bring in their own stories.

Here`s just a few samples of the wall art featuring the characters and a positive message that relates to their story.

They`re all nicely framed and mounted and come presented in a lovely gift box.

We`re also working on a range of stationery which will also include these positive messages. There will be lots to choose from including notebooks, coloured pencils, drawing books and much more.

Here`s just a few samples of the many birthday card designs.

We`re also looking at animating the stories as well as introducing more characters. We think the opportunities are many and we`re always open to new suggestions and ideas which will help to embed positive emotional health and wellbeing from an early age.

An action-packed and colourful activity book that includes mazes, puzzles and colouring in activities. The 64 pages feature all of the characters from the 8 story books and lots more!

A few pages from The Activity Book

The other product ranges that we`re developing all feature the characters to help reinforce the message from the stories that we all have personalities that are rich and unique – nobody is ‘just one thing’ and we can adapt and learn to think in different ways from a very early age. An essential message more than ever in today`s world.


So where are we now?

All of the books and been written and the illustrations are almost complete (apart from a few minor tweaks before going to print). We have all of the artwork and designs for the different product rages.  Ideally we would love to partner up with an organisation where this brand and the message behind it would be a good fit.  So if you like what you see so far and would like to see more and discuss ideas please drop us a line via the contact page.


Not Just Stories